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    Hi, I'm Jendayi Harris, affectionately known as J. I've done the work with the power of the Holy Spirit to heal my traumatic past. I am a lover of the Lord, and appreciate Biblical wisdom. I believe life is about bearing fruit, serving others, walking in love, and abiding in Truth.

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    My name is Jendayi, it means give thanks. And essentially that’s what I love to do and who I am – Thankful and giving to others. I love to be a blessing and get thank you notes.


    All of these experiences have shaped me into a dedicated, passionate force for the Kingdom of God to life the bondage off the people. To support your growth in order to get WHOLE AND FREE. My learning over the years included training – such as Business School at Seton Hall, Holistic Health Coaching at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Colorado Christian University. I’ve also learned biblical knowledge from spiritual fathers, Rabbi Ralph Messer and Pastor Joshua Tayo Obigbesen. Currently, I attend BridgeWay Church led by Pastor Peter Young. Not to mention my personal and professional development including thousands of dollars’ worth of books, materials and counseling support.


    I love teaching and training and want to get the message out there that we can be more WHOLE and FREE - no matter what the depth of your soul wounds. Your soul is still worth something to God!


    As a fatherless daughter, I had to really get humble and willing to change. My soul was devastated and I inherited a whole batch of disorders in thinking and being. In 2004, God called me on a fast for 41 days, to set me free from the “generational curses of my family”. Problem was I had no idea what a curse was or a fast was, but I obeyed and am still reaping today!


    Above all else I love JESUS CHRIST. The Lord is tangible and incredible in my life.


    All of the life I’ve lived, was for no other purpose than to share encouragement with you! We are over-comers by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Rev 12:11)


    By no means am I done yet but I am WHOLE and FREE! And ultimately your freedom spiritually, emotionally and physically is what I’m after.


    So now you can see why I can’t fit into a box. Due to the purpose of my purpose there’s several topics I intend to share about.


    I truly hope we are lifelong friends.


    Much Love,


    Jendayi Harris

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