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    Holistic Health Coaching Sessions Support Nutrition and Wellness

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    Private Soul Freedom Coaching provides a nudge.

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    Practical and healing Mom coaching sessions support change.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Where are you located?

    I'm using ZOOM right now for all sessions through COVID-19 and beyond.


    I'm located off Iliff Avenue - 13693 E. Iliff Ave., Suite 112, Aurora, CO 80014 - crossing at Xanadu Way. Moments from I-225 in Aurora. The building is tan, Advantage Security and H & R Block shares the building. I can see clients in the Highlands area, and other areas, just inquire using contact form or schedule.

    How much are sessions?

    I do a flat rate for a 6 month program to maximize your healing/growth experience and provide a very personalized experience.


    - 12 - Bi-weekly 90-minute sessions via Zoom or Phone

    - Unlimited email support between sessions

    - Assessments as needed

    - Post-session homework to support your momentum

    - I like to provide more because healing is a process and takes alot of support, so I'm available to you throughout

    Do you offer a complimentary consultation?

    Yes, I offer a 20-minute complimentary consultation. Please feel free to schedule with me to see if we are a fit. Click 'Schedule Consultant' on top right of page to see my availability.

    How long are sessions?

    Sessions are 90 minutes together.

    Intensive sessions vary.

    Do you work with all faiths?

    I work with all denominations of the Christian Faith as well as Non-Denomination, Catholic, Messianic, Jehovah's Witness, and Mormon are all welcome.

    What should I bring on the first appointment?

    Please complete all paperwork and any homework items from your complimentary consultation.

    Do you use the Bible for counseling?

    I use a mix of techniques from my therapeutic training. I will provide applicable scriptures when or if desired.

    Do you pray in sessions?

    I invite the Holy Spirit into all sessions in opening and closing prayer. I rely on the Spirit to direct my intelligence and experience in techniques, questions, and how I can best support you and relationships. If you don't like this, please let me know. See testimonials to learn how this works.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    All Credit/Debit cards, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, and check are acceptable forms of payment. I take payments prior to starting and invoice according to your preferred payment method.

    Do you do video or phone sessions?

    Phone, Skype or Zoom sessions are available if requested. This is my preference for meeting, but I can host in person meetings.

    What insurance do you take?

    At this time, I do not take any insurance. I do provide invoices for you to get reimbursed if your Health Savings Account or insurance provider allows for 'Out of Network' reimbursement.

    Can we meet between sessions?

    Unlimited emails are included in a round of 4 or more sessions. You can use sessions sooner than planned or buy additional sessions as needed.

    Do you speak Spanish?

    At this time, I don't work with a translator or speak Spanish.

    Are you a licensed?

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, I do COACHING programs for those in and out of state looking to live whole and free in all areas of life. I provide Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Corporate Services, and Health Coaching.

  • About

    Grow in Fruit of the Spirit.

    Hi, I'm Jendayi Harris, affectionately known as J. I've done the work with the power of the Holy Spirit to heal my traumatic past. I am a lover of the Lord, and appreciate Biblical wisdom. I believe life is about bearing fruit, serving others, walking in love, and abiding in Truth.

  • SOUL-utions BLOG

    Inspired Writings from My Heart to Yours

    True story, a Take Back Your Life participant thought she was ADHD, so she went to the psychiatrist to get checked out. He told her to keep a clicker every time she was interrupted. After two weeks she had distractions in the thousands. He said, “You’re not ADHD, you’re distracted.” Harvard...
    Poem: Why am I still here? Written: October 26, 2022 by Jendayi Harris I hate being in such a place Should I stay or should I go So displaced Worried about disgrace What does God want What do I really want I married to stay But his actions force me to question They force me to consider...
    What's your definition of success? What is your most important goal you'd like to achieve? Sometimes we get in our own way of being as successful as we would like to be, especially in our financials and careers. Complete each of the “tackle it now” exercises to maximize your results. Roadblock ...
    According to Scripture, we are body, soul and spirit. A life that isn't walking by the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-26), is walking by the flesh. The flesh is a combination of the soul and body. Meaning the body does what the soul alone directs. Soul is considered, fleshy, when we don't allow the Holy...
    There are many stereotypes and old school thinking when it comes to online dating. I wanted to clarify some of these stereotypes with limiting God to the traditional methods of meeting someone. Clearly, most couples do not meet in the church! Even the most sanctified marriages, did not start out...
    “Hi, I’m Peter.”   “Hey, I’m the new guy, John.”   “Glad to meet you, feel free to stop by anytime.”   “Will do. Ugh, what’s your name again?”    My bet is it isn't looking like a great first impression for the new guy.   You’ve been there, someone you just introduced yourself to, forgets your...
    Working moms at times get a bad wrap. But more mothers realize they aren't the stay at home type. And good thing, since working moms are proven to manage households efficiently and effectively. Dads feel an incredible responsibility to their families. Dad involvement is proven to effect self...
    I had a friend who was always on screens, so much so that her eyeballs dried out. I compassionately laughed for a week. I share this because we are in a digital age, which most of our action items aren’t from paper, but email, not from phone calls, but text messages, not from post it notes, but...

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