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    "Our marriage has grown leaps and bounds!"

    M.E., 28, Formerly in Colorado, Sessions 5

    “I was always too prideful to think I would need any counseling, but after 3 years of marriage it was becoming more apparent that I was still struggling with the same issues. I had trouble trusting my husband, forgiving myself for sexual sin, and generally carried a lot of guilt. I happened to meet Jendayi through a class she was leading at church, and shortly thereafter we started meeting one-on-one weekly. I can honestly say this has changed my life. I came to our sessions feeling scared to share my real thoughts and experiences, but Jendayi was always so affirming, accepting, and would gently walk me through each step. I felt very comfortable with her. She helped me to forgive myself, my husband, and let go of the grief and ‘control’ I was trying to hold on to.


    I remember leaving a session one day when my husband was picking me up. I got into the car and looked at him, and he looked completely different to me. I can’t describe it except I felt the same renewed love I had for him over 7 years ago when we started dating. He was more attractive, secure, and I felt I could trust him again, all because of a change in my heart!


    Our marriage has grown leaps and bounds, and we have such a deeper connection than before – Praise God! I also feel much more confident in making decisions and allowing myself to accept the love and grace God provides. I am forever grateful for the impact Jendayi has made in my life, and how she led me to the Lord for true healing! Jendayi has a true gift and calling in helping people overcome any life issue. Thank you so much J!”

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    "It was one of the best and impactful therapy sessions I have ever experienced."

    D.K., Age 50, Colorado, Session Type – Individual Intensive

    “I am on a healing journey from being sexually abused and coming from a very dysfunctional family system. I have made some really great healing strides in dealing with those past issues, however I had become stuck and didn't understand why or how to get "un-stuck". I had related with J a couple of dreams I had and she intuitively knew what kind of work I was needing to do in order to heal in a deeper place. She suggested a session with her that would include working out some deeply embedded anger. I had thought I had healed from all of that and once we began our session together she was instrumental in guiding me into going deeper into some memories and places that were locked up. It was one of the best and impactful therapy sessions I have ever experienced. Her care, kindness, and expertise in navigating me through unlocking what had been buried for literally 40 years was nothing short of amazing. My heart and soul were set free from a deeply held pain that has forever changed my life.


    I love working with J in that she combines her training in the psychological field along with Truth from God's Word, and her gifting of intuition and hearing the Holy Spirit. This combination is powerful and very impactful.
    I would highly recommend her services to anyone who really wants to be free and heal. She is highly encouraging, loving as well as professional. You cannot put a price on the freedom gained by these types of healing. She is worth every penny invested!”

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    "Helped open my eyes to the real reason I emotionally eat."

    J.H., Age 16, Castle Rock, Co., Number of Sessions 4

    “I have become much more aware to my eating habits when I feel stressed or angered. I have learned that in order to make progress with my weight loss, I have to let the constant thought of losing weight and focus more of my attention to my emotional well being. J has really helped open my eyes to the real reason I emotionally eat. I would encourage someone to work with J because she works with you spiritually and emotionally to help you break free of emotional eating.”

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    "What Freedom!"

    EJ, Age 61, 4 Sessions

    “ I feel more self-assured and goal oriented. For so long I thought it would be impossible to achieve my dreams, however, Jendayi has helped me realize that one is never too old to pursue one's desires/dreams/goals. She's also helped me realize that I DO NOT have to fix anyone. It is not my job! What freedom! I feel empowered and her support has been most valuable in several areas of my life.”

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    "In only 2 sessions."

    R.H., Age 26, Colorado , Number of Sessions 2

    “J helped me very much in only 2 sessions. She impacted my life, was knowledgeable and cared about me.”

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    "I thank God for his restoration power"

    L.V., Age 50, Colorado – Number of Sessions 15 plus workshops

    “If it wasn't for J Harris, not sure where I'd be. She assessed my emotional state and was very quick to reach out to me and teaching me coping skills. I thank God for his restoration power and His divine appointment to allow J and I to meet so she could help me learn to use and receive His supernatural power!!”

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    "Most enlightening experience, plus very useful information"

    A.B.,Age 49, Colorado, Sessions 2 Individual, Plus 2 Workshops

    “I have to say that this has been the most enlightening experience plus very useful information regarding my emotional and spiritual health and well being. Dr. J ( my nickname for Jendayi) Is very skilled at getting to the very root of your issues and traumas and knows exactly how to help you. She is thoughtful, intelligent and has a way of making you WANT to do the work to help with healing yourself, she makes YOU want be as honest/open with her and yourself and she so makes it easy to trust her and respect her and what she does for people. She uses very helpful tools/techniques that help you to continue your healing work on your own!! She has had life experiences that resonate with in you and experiences that gives her a true sense and understanding of your emotional pain/experiences.


    She is very gifted in bringing love into all of this work she does, I haven't heard of anyone I know who's received help from a professional in this industry say that they felt the love from their therapist, counselor or doctor, for me that's important to know that she sincerely cares about my well being and wants me healthy.


    I would suggest that anyone who feels lost, sad and depressed, who has any type of pain in their hearts from grief to being overweight to just feeling small in this world to please see her individually or at least go to one of her workshops to see for yourself the help and hope that is available to you. I use to be hopeless, I have hope now, I use to feel small and I am starting to feel important in this world, and huge I use to carry anger like I did my purse, now I stop and check my anger so that I can treat people and myself with respect, I use to hold grudges and would rarely forgive anyone including myself, now I have learned how important forgiveness is and I can say I am getting very good at forgiving and that accomplishment alone is amazing for me. I can also say that God's love for me is abundant especially since I was so sure God didn't love me and I know now that God sent Ms Jendayi ( DrJ ) to show me that happiness, joy, peace, love, respect for others, self respect and a whole healed spirit is not only possible but is very obtainable( even in this sometimes terrible world ) and those wonderful things are my God given right and MY CHOICE. “

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    "I was broken, rejected, and hopeless when I first came to you....Today I have joy, peace and victory in Jesus Christ."

    M.C., 34, Washington D.C./Formerly Colorado, 15 Sessions

    “My experience working with Jendayi has truly been life changing. Working with Jendayi is like having a sister, mother, pastor, teacher and friend all rolled into one. I was living my life based on lies and fear and the opinions of others. I was depressed and I felt defeated, all I could do was pray, and God answered my prayers by sending me to his humble servant Jendayi. My sessions with her gave me a safe place to release and deal with my thoughts and actions without judgment or concern. I learned to accept myself, and accept God's love for me. Jendayi's counseling not only gave release but peace and understanding through the Holy Spirit and prayer. I learned the truth, strengthened my relationship with God and myself, and learned invaluable tools that I will use for the rest of my life. Each and every session spent was a great turning point and learning experience. Jendayi is kind, patient, and real. Her love for Christ and willingness to help me gave me the encouragement and wakeup call I needed to take my life to the next level.


    Jendayi is a great listener and she really asks the right Spirit led questions at the right time. One of the great techniques she used that really helped me was journaling and taking emotional checkups within myself to really address what some of my triggers were. Also Jendayi's expertise and teaching using visual aids and diagrams is out of this world. She really takes the time to break down concepts and ideas into things you can understand and more importantly how to apply them to your everyday life and thinking. Jendayi challenged me to deal with suppressed feelings and really remove emotional garbage that just wasn't true or necessary in my life.


    Jendayi's greatest asset is her connection with the Holy Spirit and prayer skills. Jendayi speaks life and blessing into her clients and she is sensitive to what the Lord tells her. She goes the extra mile and does what it takes to see breakthrough in her clients. Jendayi is always prepared and introducing new techniques and guidance to get you to see yourself as God sees you and live your best life possible. Jendayi not only was an amazing counselor but she directed me to outside support groups and help, readings, tests, and scripture that changed my life. I have been searching for a counselor but was unable to find none that matches Jendayi's ability and I am so grateful to God that I was given the opportunity to receive her amazing care. She is truly a woman worth more than her weight in gold!


    In my personal experience Jendayi truly showed me the heart of God, the truth of His word, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Her services go so much further then just counseling, her work aligns you with the will of God and calls out the best in you.


    Jendayi I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for who you are and what an amazing gift and friendship you have shared with me. My life has forever changed for the better because of your determination, and struggle and constant pursuit of the will of God. You have shared your time, your life experiences, wisdom, and prayers with me, and have been more loving and caring then some of my own family members.


    I thank God I found you and I want to encourage you to continue doing what the Lord has called you to do. No matter what has happened in the past or what the future holds your Life is not in vain because you saved me. God has used you to change my life, and change my ways, and heal my heart, and direct me back on the right path. If it were not for God's grace and mercy that He has shown through you I don't know where or what I would be today. I was broken, rejected, and hopeless when I first came to you. I needed a way of escape from the life of sin and bondage the enemy had me in and your obedience showed me the way out. Today I have joy, peace and victory in Jesus Christ. I have wisdom, prayer, and love that I received through you that make every day the best day of my life, thank you.”

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